My thoughts tend to interrupt themselves. They crash and burn on the interstate that is my brain. Yep, every day feels like a multi-car wreck when
tasks, reminders, and ideas constantly weave between my neurons.

Sounds relatable? I’m not surprised. People barely have time to control their surroundings let alone their own minds. We all feel like we lack a guard to direct our own traffic. We feel helpless.

But here’s the thing that we keep forgetting: we are and should be our own guards.

No matter how much it feels like your thoughts supersede you, no matter how much they seem like they are out of your jurisdiction, they are not. They are you, and you are them. Only you have the power to control them. Therefore, summoning up some strength is in order. Yeah, you’re required to be your own superhero, but there is no shame in training.

Stopping thoughts from swarming your mind is not an easy task, and it isn’t very easy to explain either. You… just do. It takes a ton of willpower and practice, of course. I had thought of myself as weak-minded for years, but after just attempting to block myself from overthinking, I felt stronger than ever.

This is how I do it: I’m a visual person, so imagery is key. First, I conjure a huge barricade in my head in order to separate my soul from my mind. I envision that my thoughts, like tiny spiders, try to crawl up and over that barricade, reaching and grabbing the edge, but they cannot. I will the barricade to be thicker, stronger, and taller. And it is. Suddenly, I am grounded again.

This method especially comes in handy when I’m trying to sleep and my anxiety swallows me. But, depending on your personality, you may try different methods.

For instance, if you’re an auditory person, you may envision your thoughts as waves of crashing sound, of harsh cacophonies that overwhelm everything you do. To wash the noise away, you may think of soothing instrumentals or your mother’s singing voice. Such sounds will help you focus and drift you back down to Earth.

Disclaimer: If you feel as if you have tried every holistic method to free yourself from your thoughts, please see a psychiatrist. Medication is not for everyone, but it may be vital for some to function. There is no shame in looking for outside help, either.

Basically, the worst thing you can do for yourself is be a passive bystander, watching your own mind deteriorate. You do not deserve that. No one does. And if you feel if you are alone with no one to help you, feel free to visit my contact page or Instagram and send me a holler.

If you have experiences, tips, questions, or concerns about defeating overwhelming thoughts, please feel free to share in the comments below! I hope I could help any struggles you may have at least a tiny bit. 🙂

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