Dear reader,

I created this website in 2015, my sophomore year of high school.

I cannot fathom the fact that I’ve created four (almost five) years’ worth of content, writing, and online connections. When I look back at my first July post, I know that I’ve transformed so much as both a writer and a person. I have evaluated myself, understood my motivations, explored my passions. Despite time, some things have not changed.

It has been four years. I was so passionate about creative writing when I started this. I spent hours working on the logo, the layout, the design. I was so determined to be someone important, someone worth reading, someone worth your time. I still feel this way. I still want to be that ray of inspiration for you, for people who need it.

Over this last year, as you may have realized, my website transformed into more of a social media platform, as it seems most passions do; I discovered that I could inspire a larger mass of people on a faster basis. I no longer enjoyed blogging for other writers because I myself was not practicing what I was preaching; I did not write as often as I talked about. I began hating myself for it. I thought I was worth more than publishing amateur advice.

However, I did feel I was worth publishing my truth. I could be honest and open with my readers and not have to feel like I was hiding behind a screen. I look forward to posting on Instagram and reading people’s reactions. I look forward to recording my spoken words and putting my heart out there, through YouTube and social media.

Although I know I do not have tons of followers, I believe each person who reads my work is a universe in themselves. You, reader, are a world I can only see through a telescope. But I want to change that perspective. I want to be a change– of what, I’m not certain quite yet. But it’s a need, not a want.

With all that said, I am going to rebrand this website so that it is not restricted by giving writing tips as it was in 2015. Now, I’m shifting. Now, I want to offer my services to others, want to edit emerging writers’ work, want to motivate them through personal, honest posts. I want more than what this website is right now.

I hope you do too, dear reader. At this point, if you have followed me since 2015, I am sincerely grateful to you. Please reach out; I am always open to conversation. And if you are just coming across this website for the first time, welcome. I would love to hear from you, too.

Long story short, look out for transformations in the coming weeks. I hope they will live up to your expectations.


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