2B or Not 2B



The Rose

A delicate rose perched on a bush, her hand beneath her chin. Her sigh froze dew drops in the air; her patience was waning thin. For she was awaiting Autumn— he hadn’t visited in days— and he had promised that... Continue Reading →

To Love a Bird (Is to Paint Her Red)

I am azure-headed, ruby-breasted, emerald-winged. I flutter into your embrace, only God and His sun as my witnesses. You tell me that I dazzle color, even when my feathers are plucked, even when all that is visible is the white... Continue Reading →

I Steal the Silence

I steal the silence. The air is crisp tonight, and my chest hums with a certain happiness, a broken quiet. My lungs are feathers molting noiselessly between breaths; in, out. Slowly, I bury my toes into the soil and I feel them... Continue Reading →

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