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The Librarian

There is a librarian who organizes fluttering memories. The birds fly in with ebony words smeared on their wings and they always soar with more questions than answers; her thoughts are dust-covered dancers twirling behind crumbling books locked in skyscraper-shelves;... Continue Reading →

Moral Compass

Colors frame defining moments. The trees are orange and I can almost feel the amber air of your childhood.

Capturing Memories: 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge [Day 3]

Much like the sunset, all good things must come to an end.

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge [Day 1]

Thank you to Shunnom for nominating me for this amazing challenge. I believe in archiving memories and words and keeping legacies alive; this challenge is one tangible way to do that. The following quotes are a few of my own that... Continue Reading →

The Science of Childhood Stories [And What They Do To Your Mind]

Childhood stories are proven to affect brain development. Yes, that means you are more likely to be brighter than the average person if your parents followed the tradition of reading you nightly bedtime stories. Whether you grew up on Disney... Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Mortal or Immortal Mindset? (Telling the Difference)

Every day is a pervasive reminder of our own mortality. The reason I was not able to post this weekend was due to the fact that, within the span of a couple days, I celebrated someone's birthday and attended another... Continue Reading →

Take the Memoir Challenge

Be bold, be brave, and be beautiful by releasing your countless memories onto paper.

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