It’s Week One of my freshman year, and my writing has been almost nonexistent due to the chaos. The plus side? I’m starting my adult life with my right foot forward and my head held high.

I’ll start writing on this blog routinely in a little. For now though, please feel free to visit the Contact Page! I’m on both Facebook and Instagram, so you can keep up with all posts on those platforms and DM me. 🙂

For now, here’s a short poem I wrote about college debt:

“College Isn’t Going to Pay Itself”

damp dollar bills drape over
my kitchen counter. they are weary
and heavy
and reek of dew and grass.
on the train, i lugged them
from my pocket
after we stood, shivering, in the pouring rain
beneath the traffic lights.
because only green lights mean go,
and we were stuck on red
as thoughts of
college and
weighed down our pockets.

Written by Hannah Butcher
©2BorNot2B. All rights reserved.

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