2B or Not 2B


May 2017

I Steal the Silence

I steal the silence. The air is crisp tonight, and my chest hums with a certain happiness, a broken quiet. My lungs are feathers molting noiselessly between breaths; in, out. Slowly, I bury my toes into the soil and I feel them... Continue Reading →

How to “Find” Time

Time is a liquid. We carry it throughout the day in our cupped hands; we slosh it around as the hours pass; we watch as droplets fall unto the ground when we stress and when we are unproductive; we watch time glide... Continue Reading →

April Writing Contest Winner

Happy Sunday! I would like to congratulate Sakshi (AKA the Escapist) for being April’s prose winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! Her writing is filled with simplistic imagery and genuine emotions, and I'm so happy to be able to share her work. Her... Continue Reading →

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