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May 2017

I Steal the Silence

I steal the silence.

The air is crisp tonight, and my chest hums with a certain happiness,

a broken quiet.

My lungs are feathers

molting noiselessly

between breaths;

in, out.

Slowly, I bury my toes into the soil and I feel them

thrum below the earth.

The roots of the trees

spread signals across my feet;

primitive neurons clamber up my ankles.

The street lamp pulses through

its vacuum of voices,

and I swallow it up, absorb it in my pores.


I close my eyes

and listen.


Written by Hannah Butcher
©2BorNot2B. All rights reserved.

How to “Find” Time

Time is a liquid. We carry it throughout the day in our cupped hands; we slosh it around as the hours pass; we watch as droplets fall unto the ground when we stress and when we are unproductive; we watch time glide down our fingers when we procrastinate. And when the day is over, we throw our exhausted bodies onto our beds, and we realize we did nothing that day to make ourselves happy. We look down into our hands and we are surprised.

“Where did the time go?” we ask.


Oh, but we know where it is. It disappears when we consciously use it on things that truly do not matter. Things that do not make us happy.

Time is a resource we constantly take for granted. Recently, my friend and I were having a conversation regarding this topic, and she relayed an interesting perspective to me. She said, “Time isn’t the problem. Time doesn’t stop us from doing the things we want. Energy does.”

In other words, when we say there is a “lack of time” and use it as an excuse to avoid doing the things that truly matter (such as writing, creating music, drawing, going for a run, etc.) we are using it as a scapegoat. In reality, we just don’t have enough motivation to complete the tasks we want, the ones that make us happy. As a result, we are exhausted and disappointed at the end of each day.

We are setting ourselves up for failure.


To avoid feeling this way at the end of every day, make it a priority to set aside time for yourself. It is medicine for the soul. It is rejuvenation. You may claim to have a busy schedule, but there will always be time for anything you set your mind to; you just have to push yourself.

This piece of advice especially relates to my writers out there. We, including artists in general, make the excuse that there is not enough time in a day to complete everything we need to, let alone tend to our art. Well, the truth is that there are 12 hours in every day.  You can certainly afford to allot 20 minutes to something you love.

Can’t you?

Tomorrow, your hands will be filled with time once more. Time will fill up your cupped palms and we you will be expected to spend it. Do so wisely.

Let me know of any comments you have below! I’d love to hear from you.

April Writing Contest Winner

Happy Sunday!

I would like to congratulate Sakshi (AKA the Escapist) for being April’s prose winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! Her writing is filled with simplistic imagery and genuine emotions, and I’m so happy to be able to share her work. Her piece “Unfamiliar Contentment” effortlessly depicts a father’s love for his newborn child.

You can explore Sakshi’s blog and her other works here.

Every month there will be a new winner pertaining to all genres of writing, so keep a lookout for new artists featured on this blog!


Unfamiliar Contentment
by Sakshi the Escapist 

He held her for the first time in his arms and her tiny hand gripped his finger. The touch was soft. Tender. He could already feel the walls around his heart crumbling under its power. The walls he had built for years, brick by brick. While looking at her beautiful face, he was feeling an unfamiliar contentment.

“What did I tell you?” his wife asked him. He could hear the smugness in her voice.

He raised his eyes and looked towards his wife who was smirking and looking at the tiny bundle of happiness in his arms. He got up from the chair and sat beside his wife on the hospital bed. He felt his face split into a wide smile.

“Yeah,” he said. “She’s perfect.”

Just then their daughter yawned with her baby mouth and opened her small eyes, and in that moment, he felt he had conquered the world.




*If you would like to participate in the April writing contest, simply fill out a form on this website’s Submissions Page. You may send me an email or comment below if you have any questions or concerns.*

I’m looking forward to May’s submissions!

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