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I would like to congratulate Ralph Alley III (AKA Connor) for being March’s poetry winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! His writing follows a narrative structure and truly transports the reader to a different world. His poem “Beyond Our Dreams” shows how poetry can easily become a device of story-telling.

Every month there will be a new winner pertaining to all genres of writing, so keep a look out for new artists featured on this blog!


Beyond Our Dreams

By Ralph Alley III

With a siren voice singing and exhaustion coming into my mind as a guest,
my mind and soul go into a long sleep.
I stand on a small sphere of green, solid and blue liquid
that my bare feet may crush without notice.
In my blue monk robes and white wings behind my back,
black hair falls down like a waterfall to my back
with feelings of veneration from head to toe.

Spheres of light fly in the black sky,
with the Queen of the golden sun and King of the silver moon dancing together.
Nebulas shine and galaxies sparkle
and constellations run throughout space;
Oh, what a beautiful sight it was!

A male voice came out of the void,
rich as honey, but dark as blood.
He asked me, “Little girl, what do you think of dreams?”

I answered, “Dreams are the beliefs that we believe in,
reminders that gives us strength throughout the day.”

The spirit appeared,
wearing a robe of infernos,
“Ha! Dreams are lies.
Humans make dreams to believe in the lies they make,
so how can dreams be truth?”

I replied, “I didn’t say that dreams are truth or lies.
Dreams are what our secrets and hidden desires come from.
Just like there are two sides of a coin,
dreams focus on our happiness, bravery and calmness
while nightmares tell us our worst fears, anger and depression.”

The spirit then took me to a metropolis near a sea
where things were done by free will.
But then hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and heat waves
appeared of all sudden
while other natural disasters occurred
around other parts of the world,
killing so many people and wildlife.

The spirit, with a malicious smile, said,
“You may look at the good,
but you never look at the bad.
That is the nature of being human,
but it is always your choice.”

Out of nowhere, a thunderbolt came straight down from
heavens and struck where I stood.

At that moment,
I woke with sweat on my brow
and I then remembered the dream,
which took a few seconds,
and learned an important lesson.

Many people question,
“What will the end of the world be like?”
Many answer with differently,
with or without evidence,
but the truth is that we never know,
because the answer is beyond our dreams.


You can view more of Connor’s pieces here.

*If you would like to participate in the April writing contest, simply fill out a form on this website’s Submissions Page. You may send me an email or comment below if you have any questions or concerns.*

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    1. There pretty much aren’t any rules. 🙂 You may submit any piece of writing to my Submissions page on the website. I’ll first reply to your submission with honest feedback, and then it’ll be considered for that month’s writing contest. 🙂

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