2B or Not 2B


April 2017


  Between the crevices in the syntax, the sentence, the subject, punctuation serves as an altar to ideas that cannot be connected by splinters or nails. Exclamation marks that yell also scream out tales. Gentle commas swirl into periods, like... Continue Reading →

Character Development

A writer’s goal is to make his characters as believable as possible; therefore, he has to make them as complicated as possible.

Tiny Bird

I pad across cobblestone streets and watch as the sky releases fleets of dark grey and water-color yellow-- Big Ben punctures the clouds. I ask him where I am and he bends his head, exhales a gust of bells and... Continue Reading →

March Poetry Contest Winner

Happy Sunday, everyone! I would like to congratulate Ralph Alley III (AKA Connor) for being March's poetry winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! His writing follows a narrative structure and truly transports the reader to a different world. His poem... Continue Reading →

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