Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I would like to congratulate Alicia Mrachek for being February’s poetry winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! Alicia’s writing truly is amazing, and her poem “Rubber Pieces of April” shows how raw and honest her writing is.

Every month there will be a new winner pertaining to all genres of writing, so keep a look out for new artists featured on this blog.


Rubber Pieces of April

by Alicia Mrachek

I walked on echoed water,
baptized so I could reach your memory;
I held onto the blue string
of your balloon,
before you floated into heaven.
I was wearing my zebra print dress,
which was striped with my dried tears,
when I saw you last.
And as I jumped up the steps,
to peer into your sleeping face,
I wondered,
if I still wore my bracelet of stars,
would my dreams sleep, too?
Before your balloon popped in a
freeze-dried cumulus,
I read the past,
through a crystal ball,
and saw the fortunes of
small veined hands,
that held bread crumbs
leading to scattered pieces
of blue rubber,
six years ago
in April.


You can view Alicia’s other works on the website Teen Ink.

*If you would like to participate in the March writing contest, simply fill out a form on this website’s Submissions Page. You may send me an email or comment below if you have any questions or concerns.*

Keep writing!

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