Congratulations to Elizabeth Markes for being January’s poetry winner of the 2B or Not 2B website! Elizabeth is a fantastic writer, and her poem “Remembering” shows how relatable and pertinent her writing is. Every month there will be a new winner pertaining to all genres of writing, so keep a look out for new artists featured on this blog.



by Elizabeth Markes

Remembering the songs

I hummed as a small child

Remembering the innocence

Of my mind as a small child

Remembering the joy

Imbedded into my heart as a small child

Remembering the love

I believed in as a small child

Remembering the stories

That took me away as a small child

Remembering everything

That I was as a small child

Reminds me of everything

That I’m not as a young woman.


You can view Elizabeth’s other works on the website HelloPoetry, as well as on Teen Ink.

*If you would like to participate in the February writing contest, simply fill out a form on this website’s Submissions Page. You may send me an email or comment below if you have any questions or concerns.*

Good luck, keep writing, and happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “January Poetry Contest Winner

  1. congrats – and her poem would take on a totally different meaning if one letter was different in the final sentence.

    if not was changed to now….

    nice, but sad too – with the “not”

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