2B or Not 2B


September 2016

Lyrics vs. Poetry

As a writer, should you write lyrics or poetry? Which benefits you the most?

Butterfly Kisses

florida’s winter kisses consist of rough caresses and instigate crimson blemishes on my skin. the sun smacks tiny freckles upon my cheeks and gropes my shoulders for a place to leave his mark and i have no choice but to... Continue Reading →

Discovering Optimism: 6-Word Memoir

Avoid building a personal rainstorm in your mind. Instead, place your hope in the bit of sunshine life offers you.

Violin {My First Prose Poem}

The circuits are twitching again. I can feel the currents jump through my veins and under my arteries, shove past my capillaries. It anchors around my knee caps, my thin shoulders, my breaking spine. “You know, it’s not a wish... Continue Reading →

To My Fellow Introverts: The Fear of Fearing

If no one is addressing this problem for you, then I will. I feel the need to reach out to the community of writers and offer a bit of peace-of-mind.

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