With so many thoughts and ideas buzzing around their minds, teen writers look at writing as their ability to release their building emotions. Because of this, I find that many teens are often some of the greatest writers out there in the industry, bursting with maturity and skill. But what of their talent? What of their recognition? There only seems to be a few publishing opportunities out there for teens to take advantage of. However, those existing openings act as phenomenal launching pads. Here are a few I have utilized and am familiar with:

  1. For a little more than three years, I have used an online publishing site called Teen Ink.  Their editors are diligent with a keen sense of good writing. They offer Editor’s Choice awards to pieces that are exceptional, and, when pieces are breathtaking, they allow them to be published in their physical magazine. Teen Ink is a reliable publishing website that acknowledges and provides recognition to exceptional teen writers.
  2. Canvas is another publishing opportunity for teens that offers opportunities for those with a craving for recognition. This publishing branch is run by teens and for teens; therefore, teenagers who submit to this website will feel confident that their work is being received by those who understand them. Canvas has a low acceptance rate, however; because of this, it is quite the challenge to be published in their literary journal.
  3. Creative Communications is yet another route for teenagers to take when they wish to be published. Creative Communications publishes books seasonally. They also maintain great communication with their submitters and value each piece that is submitted. Additionally, there are opportunities for fantastic writers to be placed within the Top Ten section of submissions; when a piece is accepted into Top Ten, the author automatically receives a cash prize. I believe that this is a great way to encourage teens to submit their best work.

Although teens are not always granted the appropriate recognition for the profound and skillful writing they may complete, I assure you that there are opportunities out there. I also encourage teens to submit to their school’s literary arts magazine and to submit to local competitions and contests, if and whenever possible.

2 thoughts on “When Publishing Teen Writing

  1. Great job on this article! I am already on Teen Ink. (I’m M501athletic on there, could you review my work on there when you get the chance? Thanks!) Keep up the good work, I love the resources you provided, I will check out some of these.


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